Monday, February 11, 2013

Prairie Hawk Farm: Seed Starting Old School Style - Carton Planters

Prairie Hawk Farm: Seed Starting Old School Style - Carton Planters: Do you remember those childhood projects using empty milk cartons to plant seeds in? Well, that practice is still in use at this homestead. ...

Friday, February 1, 2013

What to Plant - Late Winter/Early Spring

I have mesclun lettuce mix popping up in the garden!  I know that it's still a bit cold out, but since our soil doesn't usually freeze, there are many cool weather plants that you can get in the ground here in Texoma in late January and early February.  In fact many of these resent the hot temperatures that come with our spring and summer, and will wilt away once the really warm months arrive.  Here's a quick (and by no means complete) listing:

Baby meslun lettuce sprouting!
Swiss Chard
Onions (usually from "starts" bundles)
Pretty much anything in the cabbage family (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels, kale, etc)
Peas & Beans
Potatoes (starts or cut up your own)

You may have to cover the young plants with a tarp or a plastic bottle (with the top cut off) if there's danger of a sudden frost, but, believe me, that's hassle that you can live with to have fresh vegetables on your table as early as possible.