Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot, Dry Days

Summer time is finally here and the days are now long and hot. If you're from East Texas, you know what I mean. Unfortunately there are more things to water in our yard than I have time or inclination to take care of. The vegetable garden is suffering, the flowers are wilted and the fruit trees and vines are begging for relief. I'm thinking about looking into some better sprinklers than the ones we have now.

We did finally get the garden tilled up. I say 'we', but what I mean is 'my husband'. It looks good! If only I watered as well as he weeded we'd be in great shape. I have several empty rows now where early spring vegetables used to be. I have my great charts from the extension office that offer suggestions as to what to plant this time of year. It's time to quit the whining about the heat and just get out there and do it. My husband would love a few more rows of okra, so maybe I'll surprise him and put a little more in.

And just for the record, a momma rabbit has seen fit to have her litter of babies in one of our raised beds. Three little rabbits can now be seen hopping merrily around in our struggling blueberry patch. The kids think they're great and I'm not sure what I think. Since I'm not ready for hasenpfeffer dinner yet, I guess they get to stay a little while longer.

Stay cool and happy gardening!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Organic Rose Gardening Seminar

Sweetwater Farm Greenhouse will be hosting a seminar on caring for roses organically this coming Saturday, June 12th from 10AM to 11AM. Sue Zanne Petersen will be speaking. Admission for this seminar is free. Click here for Sweetwater's website.