Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Roses - Mmm, Mmm Good

Although you have probably heard about rose hips many times in the past, I feel like a reminder is in order.  The roses on our place are blooming beautifully right now, and many years continue to bloom all through the winter.  Even with that being the case, this is the time of year that I will quit deadheading the roses and let the hips remain on the plant.  They are best when picked after the first frost of the year.  They’ll be a pretty red color by then and the flavor is best.  With our weather here in Texas, it might be a while before the first frost, but I’m preparing early – just in case!

Here are some good articles on rose hips that give you a lot more information about harvesting, preparation, and of course health benefits:

 Did you know that could eat the rose petals too?  How does rose petal jam or rose petal tea sound?  There isn’t much nutrition in them, but there is some vitamin C and it’s fun to be adventurous!  You can bring a new flavor to your kitchen.  Here are a couple of links with recipe ideas.

Have fun gardening and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!